Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big Day

Today is my first sonogram. I'm excited and terrified all at once. I should be at about 8 weeks right now, but I always estimate myself to be further along that I end up being once they're able to take accurate measurements. So, maybe 7 weeks? 6 and a half? We'll see. Either way, I'm still early and last time we lost the baby at 9 weeks. So there's still a lot of room for something to go wrong. I'm trying to stay realistic and optimistic at the same time, it's a little challenging.

My husband isn't able to come with me today because it's a 2:00 appointment and he works downtown while the Dr's office, and my office, are 45 minutes north of his. I'm very nervous to go in by myself and I wish he could have come too, or at least my mom. Someone to be with me.

I really do feel like everything is going to be fine though. Every time my stomach rolls and I fight the urge to vomit, I'm reassured that it's a normal, healthy pregnancy. It will be nice to have that visual confirmation of the heartbeat today though.

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