Thursday, May 16, 2013

BB's Bagels

I have always been a fan of bagels. Smothered in butter or cream cheese, they were a direct factor in my college weight gain, well, that and beer of course. These days I rarely indulge but when I do, I stop at BB's Bagels which happens to right outside my office (yes, I pass this EVERY SINGLE DAY and normally keep driving). They happen to be in Georgia, but these boys are New Yorker's. BB's stands for Bronx Bagels and rumor is they truck the water down from NY to make the bagels because the water in GA doesn't bake right. I don't care if they bring it in from the moon, these bagels are ridiculously good. They're about the size of your head and if you get there early, they are hot and toasty, just out of the oven, baked fresh every morning.

I love them.

Now, I love them even more.

Every morning for the last two weeks I've spent about 10 minutes heaving my guts out. I've had crackers, I've had oatmeal, I've had cheerios, I've had cereal bars, I've had yogurt, I've had milk, I've gone without eating because the idea of putting something into my stomach only to have it come right back out just made me ill to think about. It didn't matter, I'd still end up sick. Again, I hate complaining because all this means it's a healthy pregnancy and there's a baby growing in there, which I am very grateful for. It still sucks throwing up every morning.

The last two mornings, after making it out of the house 15 minutes late, I stopped at BB's and got a wonderfully tasty cinnamon raisin bagel and after inhaling that, my stomach felt much better. So, I got half a dozen and brought them home. This morning when I got up to walk the dogs, I took half a bagel with me and munched on that during the walk. No vomiting! I ate the other half in the car on the way to work and my stomach is feeling pretty good. Not great, and I"m going to have to watch what i eat the rest of the day too, like I have been, but I was able to drink my coffee this morning and that makes me a very happy mama!

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