Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mmmmm, Coffee, Coffee

As we approach week 10 it seems like my stomach issues are settling down, which I truly appreciate. Last Saturday morning was a little rough but since Sunday I haven't had too much trouble and this morning, I was able to have a cup of coffee while getting ready. I haven't been able to do that for a solid month! Not only was I able to have a cup of coffee at the house (a whole cup by the way, not a half, or less which is all I had been drinking previously), but when I got to the office, I had another one!! It was so nice to sit down with a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and not want to vomit.

We had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend with Baby A. We stayed home this year which is pretty unusual. Pretty much any three day weekend turns into a trip to the in-laws cabin in TN for quality time with them and their boat, but there was just too much to do at home and both my husband and I had long lists of unfinished projects that we wanted to cross off. Thankfully we had beautiful weather, and we were able to get everything done including taking Baby A to the pool twice and out for long walks several times. We stayed busy and as much as possible I would plan projects that Baby A could 'help' with while she was awake, and do the harder things during her afternoon nap. She and I washed the deck furniture, scrubbed the front steps, peeled and steamed vegetables for the week and bought new toy bins for several rooms in the house.

I don't know about other families, but we somehow end up with toys in all rooms. So, I have a small bin in most of them to contain the clutter. I may have to put a halt on the stuffed toy purchases by family members though. It's a little ridiculous. Especially since they all have to buy the most gigantic stuffed animals they can possibly find. We have a massive cat, monkey and bunny taking up a stupid amount of space in her room right now. I have no idea what to do about it.

Oh well, it's just going to get worse when #2 gets here.

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