Wednesday, April 23, 2014

30 Day Challenge. Accountability

I've seen these before, mostly the squat one, but considering the whole postpartum thing, abs are a major concern for me right now. So, starting tomorrow I will be doing the 30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge.

I downloaded their app and have invited a few friends to face the challenge with me, and hold me accountable. Because, let's face it, my history these days doesn't lend a whole lot of support to me sticking to a 30 day schedule on my own.

I just really, really want to fit into my clothes. Elle will be four months old on Sunday. At five months, I want to be in my pre baby pants with the button buttoned and at six months, I want to be able to put on a bathing suit (not a bikini, still have crazy bellybutton issues) without feeling like a whale.

I want a waist. It doesn't have to be the waist I had before, but I'd like one that's reasonable. 

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