Monday, April 7, 2014

A quiet weekend, they actually exist.

I love my Ali. She is the light in my heart and I would move heaven and earth for her.

However, she's also two. And that's a tough age.

Saturday we were spending the day like we normally do.



And Vacuuming 

My little helper with me at every turn. I actually attempting to 'sneak' vacuum the upstairs while she was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so that I could get it done faster. That didn't work. She went and got her little vacuum and brought it upstairs (which makes my heart stutter when I think about her lugging that up the stairs by herself) so she could help.

I am really not sure what she was planning for the broom and the back yard but she was entertained so, whatever.

After my husband did his morning run, he took over at the house and I went to a Pilates class.


I went to the gym!!!

By myself!!!

And then when I got home Ali kept asking to go to Grandma's house. Over and over. When I put her down for a nap I said I would call her and see when would be a good time. I didn't. After her nap, she kept asking so I called my mom and said we needed to schedule some quality Grandma time. Mom said 'great, bring her on over.' So I did. Took 5 minutes to pack an overnight bag and I took Ali to Grandma's house. 

Again I say, I love my Ali with all my heart, but wow, was it nice to have a quiet house. Elle is such a calm quiet girl that it's like not having a baby in the house, and really with baby #2, it's just easier. So we had a quiet evening. 

And a quiet Sunday.

I got to cuddle and play with Elle. 

Do a 30 minute Yoga routine by myself. 
Well, mostly by myself.

Fold laundry, once, as opposed to multiple times while attempting to stay ahead of my 'helper'.
Prep dinner while dancing and singing in the kitchen with my one and only fan (Ali tells me to shhh whenever I sing.)

 Seriously, the chins on this girl are epic.

It was a nice quiet day.

It was also so nice when Ali came back and I got big hugs and cuddles. I definitely miss her while she's gone, but it's nice to have a break every once in a while and I just don't know how parent's survive without having their own parents around to help. I highly recommend all parents have an occasional night away from your children. It's good for everyone involved. It gives you a break from your kids, gives your kids a break from you, gives Grandma (or whoever) some quality time to build that bond. It gives you all a little perspective on just how challenging it is to keep up with a toddler and how precious that toddler really is.

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