Monday, April 21, 2014

The stomach bug

I'm not sure if it's reached a national level of epidemic, but it is certainly regional. The stomach bug is going around and we got it last week. It was terrible.

I'm 99% sure it came from Ali's church Sunday school, but it swept through her daycare too. She started Monday night, I started Tuesday morning. My husband had to come home from work on Tuesday to take care of Elle because I didn't want to handle her more than necessary to hopefully keep her from getting it. No such luck, she started going on Thursday morning. It was just a mess.

After talking with the doctor on Thursday, it's everywhere. We didn't go in to see the doctor, there's not much to do but wait, as long as I can get the girls to keep water down and stay hydrated.

All I can say is that I"m super thankful for wonderful neighbors. By Thursday we were just pathetic and I had to call one of our friends up the street and ask her to go to the store for me. Elle had thrown up in her car seat so I literally couldn't leave the house, it was disgusting and at this point I was out of laundry detergent. So my friend went and got a massive jug of laundry detergent, three big bottles of pedialyte and lysol wipes.

I proceeded to do seven loads of laundry that day.


It was followed by many more over the weekend as stage two of that bug hit Elle, which is almost worse than the vomiting in stage one. We washed more sheets and baby clothes as this bug worked through both girls systems. I can't even believe it. Fortunately, once they made it past the first stage, they were perfectly happy and playful, just not quite ready for daycare or public in general with the unpredictability of their diaper needs, and frequent clothing changes, but happy.

We really don't need to do that again anytime soon. 

Or ever.  


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  1. Oh my word, I HATE the flu and it sounds like it hit your family hard. I'm so sorry you got it too. Yuck. That's so great you have good neighbors though. I hope you're all feeling 100% now. ;-)