Monday, April 28, 2014

30 Day Challenge - Day 5

I have made it through 5 days of my challenge. I like how each day the numbers get a little higher, and then they'll have a lighter day. Today I only had to do 5 sit ups. I can do that.

Come to find out, post pregnancy, I can't do 20 sit ups. I was pretty surprised at that. I could do 10. The good thing about this program is that they say you don't have to do all the exercises all at once, you can break them up a bit. This program has sit ups, crunches and squats. The squats I can do. I'm up to 35 for this particular challenge. The goal is to get to 100. The sit up goal is 40 and for crunches, they want to get to 100.


Which is funny, for me to say yikes. I used to kick box (like, for real kick box, with gloves and an opponent who was trying to hit me) and I used to be able to do a couple hundred sit ups and crunches and all kinds of things and never even blink.

You know, back in the day...

Now my belly is so sad looking. I know that it will get better, as long as I continue to work on it, but wow, those days seem so far away!

I am down another pound since my Ground Zero post a month ago, which stinks, a whole month and a whole pound. :(  I really want to be doing better than that. But, I've also lost an inch around my belly and half an inch on my hips.

              March           April
Weight    135.6           134.4
Belly       35"                34"
Hips        41.5"            41"

Keep on keeping they say.

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  1. Good for you! It always seems like it takes me FOREVER to lose the extra baby weight, or ANY weight for that matter! Just "keep on keepin' on" like you said and you'll eventually get the results you're looking for! Good luck!