Friday, April 18, 2014

The best thing about Amazon Prime

I love my Amazon Prime account. 

Now, it isn't for everyone.

However, I save enough in diapers each month to pay for the membership and then some, especially now with two in diapers.

Every month I get diapers, wipes, formula, paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, bath soap, doggie medicine and a few other things delivered and I don't ever have to think about it. It just shows up.

But the best thing about Amazon Prime is the box.

Last month, when I got my shipment I decided to have some fun with the box.

I made a 'fort' for Ali. Basically, taped up the sides, cut a 'door' in one side and gave her a pile of crayons. She thought it was great. She's spent so much time in this that it's now much more taped up than it was initially and well colored.

This month I decided to expand on her playhouse.

This time I taped up the sides, turned it over and cut out 'window's, a 'sky light' a 'front door' and a side entry door with a matching cut out in the original box, then taped the two boxes together.

Kiddie Condo!

To say she liked it, doesn't quite cover it. 

I'm feeling like a super cool mom right now.

And am totally wishing we had Amazon Prime deliveries when I was a little kid because I would have LOVED this!

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