Monday, April 14, 2014

The hunt is on

I think one of my favorite things with Ali is that she is finally at an age where she can really participate in things and have fun.

Last week Mama T had an Easter Egg Hunt and little party at her house after work one day. This was really Ali's first egg hunt. Last year she was kind of old enough, 18 months is still a little young to get it, but it was also cold and rainy all spring (and summer for that matter) and it just wasn't possible to get outside.

This year it was beautiful. Sunny, warm, the grass was green and the kids were adorable. She had a blast and every day since has asked to go hunt eggs at Mama T's.

Mama T and the crew.

I love this one because Ali is looking at her little BFF Max and Elle is looking at Max's little brother Will, her future BFF, she just doesn't know it yet.

I am so looking forward to Easter next weekend. My in laws are coming down. They haven't seen Elle since January. My husband ordered a play structure for Ali that should arrive this week and give him and his father some quality bonding time with tools and likely a lot of swearing.

I may have told Ali that her daddy is building her a club house. She is only mildly obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney channel, so she is beyond thrilled that Daddy is making her a clubhouse of her very own. :)

No pressure honey. 

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  1. That Easter egg hunt looks like so much fun, and I absolutely love the setting! You live in a gorgeous place! Good luck with the new playground. Looks like a lot of fun. ;-)