Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seven days without shopping

Doesn't sound too hard does it...

For me, that sounds terrible.

I love to shop. I don't even have to be buying things for me. I will shop for my girls, for my husband, the house, the dog, upcoming trips or holidays or birthdays, for work.

It doesn't matter.

I love to shop.

A coworker of mine gave up all unnecessary spending for Lent this year. She defined unnecessary spending as anything that wasn't involved with basic living expenses. Bills, obviously, need to get paid, gas needs to be put in the car and groceries need to be purchased. But do you need the box of crackers that's on sale? No. Do you need a new pair of shoes, or dress for church, or pants for work? Unlikely.

So, I am giving up shopping.

For seven days.

And really, I'm counting the start date as Saturday, so I'm on day 4.

Which is totally cheating.

I know.

But I'm doing it anyway because I didn't shop at all this weekend. So that counts.

Seven days of no shopping. As soon as I say those words things start flooding my brain with things that I need.

I need new shoes, but do I? Kind of. My feet are a little larger after this last pregnancy and some of my work heels are showing their age. But, they do still fit and I can wear them comfortably.

I need new jeans. - Kind of, but they're not going to fit around my belly yet, so why waste time and money buying something that only mostly fits now when it probably (hopefully) won't in another couple of months.

Ali needs hair bows. Really?? She's survived this long.

She needs bubble bath, we're just about out...but not quite yet.

All these things and so much more start jumping around in my head telling me they just CAN'T wait and I need to buy them now.

I think this may not be overly healthy.

So. Seven days without shopping.


To be fair...

The only reason I chose seven days, and not more, is because I spent a lot of this past weekend cleaning out Elle's closet of all her newborn, 0-3 and 3 month clothing that she's outgrown. I have two big bags full of things that I plan on taking to a new consignment store that's opened near Mama T's house.

On Saturday.

And I want to be able to buy a few things while I'm there.


The seven day shopping hiatus is definitely not 100% along the correct  intent of the exercise.

But I have to start somewhere, right!!

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  1. I love shopping too, but thankfully I'm quite picky so I don't usually end up buying too much. My husband is grateful too! Good luck with your hiatus.