Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Complete and Thorough Exercise Fail

I took down my 'plan'. In three weeks I gained almost two pounds.

That's just annoying.

Of course, I haven't really done anything that would potentially cause weight loss.

I've been eating too much. Drinking too much. Not exercising at all even though I had 'a plan'. And I'm 'a planner'. Just crap.

I have zero time.


I don't know when I'm supposed to do this.

I get up at 5:15 in the morning. I get straight into the shower.
At 6 I get Elle up.
At 6:30 I get Ali up.
At 7:15 I'm packing everyone up and getting out the door by 7:25.

(BTW - I do feel extremely proud of myself that I have managed to adjust the morning schedule so that we're leaving on time)

I leave work at 4:50.
I pick up the girls at 5.
I get home at 5:30.
I get in the door, let Big M out. Get Ali her water and snack then I change out of work clothes.
It's now 5:50.
Get Ali's dinner ready.
My husband comes home. Walks Big M and then goes for a run.
At 6:20 Elle goes down for a nap.
At 6:30 I feed Ali and frequently myself too.
At 7:15 after Ali finishes eating (yes 45 minutes is typical for her) I take her upstairs to brush her teeth and change into her pj's.
at 7:20 my husband is home from his run and comes up to join us for story time.
7:30 we read two books.
7:50 Ali goes to bed.
7:55 I go down stairs to make a bottle
8:00 I get Elle up and feed her. She's awake until about 9:00, sometimes she'll go down a little earlier than that. That's my one time of day that I actually get to play with her and pay attention to her without Ali there too.
9:00 put Elle down for the night and sit down with my husband for 20 minutes.
9:20 we go to bed.

That's my whole day. All of it. It doesn't stop. I get 20 minutes in the evening and 45 minutes in the morning without kids. Where in there am I supposed to exercise?

It is so frustrating.

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  1. Oh my word, you really don't have much time at all! I'm so sorry and am sure it's so frustrating. It is possible to workout during your lunch hour? My husband does that and it seems to work well for him. Good luck!