Monday, March 31, 2014

I veto all colored frosting!

Last month Ali and I attended a birthday party for a little friend of hers who was turning two. He had a big Mickey Mouse face cupcake cake, essentially a bunch of cupcakes all pushed together and frosted over as though it were one big cake.

In case you are unaware, Mickey Mouse is pretty much all black, which results in a 'cake' with black frosting. In a room full of two year old's.

They looked like they had the black plague and were all covered from head to toe in black frosting. Elle ended up with it on her too since I got it all over me trying to clean up Ali, who was, of course, wearing white.

This past Saturday we attending another birthday party for another little friend who was turning two. She had a big Elmo cupcake cake. Basically a big pile of red frosting.

Thankfully, I dressed Ali in red, but instead of looking like they were all about to die, the all looked like little vampires who just feasted.

This is the face of a very happy little girl...or a murderous psychopath. 
You decide. 

By the way, that frosting, goes in red, and comes out red on the other side...made for a very interesting day on Sunday.

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  1. Oh my goodness, black and red frosting are the worst! I can't imagine they taste very good either. It seems like every time I eat red frosting it tastes pretty nasty! I hope you were able to get all the frosting out of their clothes!