Monday, March 24, 2014


I am so thankful for my girls.

I am thankful that I have two girls. I know my husband wanted a boy so badly, but I grew up with a sister and I am so excited that Ali and Elle get to have that relationship throughout their lives. 

I am so thankful for Ali. She is such an emotional girl. She is so easily overwhelmed. I fear for her struggles in the future because I know how she feels and what she's working to overcome. I still struggle with walking into new situations confidently and without trepidation. It hurts my heart to watch it magnified by two year old emotional limitations.

I am so thankful for Elle. Every evening I play and snuggle with her before putting her down and say a small prayer of thanks that I am so blessed to have a beautiful, happy, perfect baby girl. Another, beautiful, happy, perfect baby girl. I want to remember how it feels to hold such a small body up close to mine. 

They are little for such a short time. It went by so quickly with Ali, and I know that I'm going to turn around soon to find Elle running alongside her sister. Those will be magical moments as well, but right now I want to focus and treasure the tiny little girl that she is and appreciate the growing personality that Ali is. 

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