Thursday, March 13, 2014

There is always a plan

 I am a planner.

A big time planner.

An over planner.

It makes me feel more in control.

Today I am wearing my size 8, pre-baby dress pants, unbuttoned. They fit everywhere else, but my belly. It was making me crazy this morning to put on my 'fat pants' which are too big everywhere except my belly and no matter what top I put on, I just look huge all over.

So, I came up with a plan. An 11 week plan. Which is probably ridiculous and unrealistic, but I"m going to go for it anyway. I've done this type of thing before where I print up these calendars with a workout plan and then do daily weigh in's and write in any additional exercises done. Like Tuesday, I went to the park with the girls and walked for half an hour, I'd write that in on the day. I tape up my calendar's above the scale in the bathroom so I can see it every day and keep myself accountable.

While the last time I did it, I was attempting to lose a lot of weight (after Ali was born), this time it's not as much the weight as it is toning. I think if I can tone up my arms, legs, belly and rear, things will really start to fit and I'll see the weight loss too. I'm not terribly far from my pre-baby weight so this is my progressive plan for the next 11 weeks. Every morning I do a warm up with Sun Salutations and then sit ups, push ups, squats and planks. Each week I make it a little harder, a little longer. Sunday's will be a rest day.


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