Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chef Ali

Ali loves to help. Whatever I"m doing, she wants to do it too. She helps me do everything from laundry, to washing windows, to dusting and vacuuming. Cooking is her most favorite activity though. She loves to help me make dinner, or breakfast, or bake, doesn't matter. She mixes, stirs, pours, rolls, etc, and has a fabulous time doing it. She even washes up afterwards.

Dinner, featuring celery in a pasta box...

'Chopping' vegetables (with a dull peeler).

Christmas morning, 'helping' Grandma make muffins for breakfast.

This past weekend, helping me make dinner.

After she went and got her little stool to try and wash dishes, I got her regular 'helper chair' (see above) so she could actually get into the sink, but this photo is so cute.

Cookies that we made this weekend too. She did it all. I measured the ingredients and put the sheets in the oven but that was about it.

I realize I have no photos of her face while she's doing this, but if you could see the level of concentration as she 'cooks' you'd understand why she doesn't look up. Isn't her hair beautiful though. :) 

Last night as my husband was cleaning up dinner he asked what the bowl of veggies on the counter was for. I told him that was Ali's for her to 'cook' with. He asked if they were a part of dinner and I said no, they're just veggies I keep on hand for her to play with. I don't usually give her the things we're actually having for dinner because she tends to take bites and then put things back in the bowl. We both just laughed. How many people keep veggies on hand specifically for their children to 'chop' and 'cook' with so they can munch on a few slices of green pepper or broccoli as they want to. She cracks me up.

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