Thursday, March 20, 2014

The definition of crazy...

Every morning I get Ali up at 6:45 am.

By 6:55 we are downstairs and she is in her seat ready for breakfast.

By 7:10 she's eaten about three bits of a banana and 1/4 of an English Muffin.

By 7:15 My lunch and bags are packed. Elle is in her car seat and I am sitting next to Ali at the table telling her to "take another bite." "Take another bite" "Chew." "Finish up, come on."

By 7:20 I am pleading with her to please finish up so we can go.

By 7:25 I am furiously brushing her teeth, throwing a jacket on her and loading everyone into the car.

By 7:30 we are finally pulling out of the garage.

By 8:15 I am at the office. Late.

Every morning.

At what point am I going to do something to change this schedule so that I am not starting the day off annoyed, frustrated and late?

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