Friday, June 27, 2014

Elle & Big M

I have mentioned before about how sweet Big M is with my girls. Ali doesn't really have a whole lot of interest in him. They exist in the same house without having much to do with each other, except for dinner time, then Big M is planted under her chair to 'help' clean up the overflow.

There was a time though, when she was little, that Big M adored her, and she thought he was pretty cool too. Even then she wasn't what I would call enamored of him, but if he was around, she was ok with it and would occasionally pet him.

Now we have Elle, and Big M adores her. And so far, she adores him. I had to stop posting the cute pictures of them together on my facebook page because there were so many and it was so frequent. It melts my heart to see them together and know he loves her.

Watching over her at 4 weeks old.
(wow, I miss my Old Lady)

Very vigilant. 

Hanging out at 3 months

And 5 months

It's really getting fun now because Elle has taken an interest in him and is interacting with him now. She loves his kisses, which is good because she gets a lot of them, and wants to play with him.

A few weeks ago

This set was fun because I was actually trying to take a picture of Elle sitting up, it's a recent thing. Instead I caught a drive by kissing that knocked her over. Fortunately I had the pillows all set up (ok, it's a dog bed, still, it works).




And later just hanging out again, with kisses, lots and lots of kisses.

My sweet babies. 

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  1. Oh my word, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of those sweet pictures! Your baby is such a doll too. I've been curious to know what our dog will think of our new baby. I hope their relationship is a precious are your twos!