Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Take a walk

Yesterday after I left work, I stopped by the store for a few things, got the girls, got home, got Ali a snack and put her dinner together, put Elle in her bouncer and when my husband got home, I went for a walk.

By myself.


On a beautiful day.

It. Was. Awesome.

I walked for 30 minutes and came home feeling really good. I found everyone outside in Ali's 'really big clubhouse' with my husband sliding Elle down the slide, which amused Ali far more than it amused Elle. But they were all just fine. Alive. Had eaten dinner and managed without me for 30 minutes.

I pushed Ali on her swing for another 10 minutes or so and then we all trooped inside for our bath/bedtime routine.

I didn't sit down to actually eat dinner until everyone was in bed, around 8 or so, which is later than I prefer to eat, but that's ok. I had one small glass of wine and the whole thing fit into my calorie count for the day.

I did 20 minute yoga routines Saturday and Sunday, plus the walk yesterday, leaves me feeling pretty accomplished.

I have two months to fit into my dress for Elle's baptism.

I also have a new pair of pants that I"m dying to wear!

They're hot pink!

They're a size 8 and not a forgiving 8 as I can't actually button them right now and the thighs are tight. But they are only just to small. They're so close to fitting that I decided to keep them and have them be a goal for this month. By the end of June, I want to fit into my hot pink pants!

My husband has been home every evening for the last week and has been really helpful with the girls.

My mom took Ali for the whole weekend last week, Friday to Sunday afternoon and it was such a nice break. It was so QUIET! It was also nice to see her again on Sunday afternoon and have her tell me all the wonderful things she did with Grandma.

I'm definitely feeling calmer this week and much more supported.

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  1. Your walk sounds heavenly and your life sounds so calm. LOVE IT!!