Monday, June 23, 2014

Fun Weekend and Ideal Shake Update

I love summer. I love being outside. I love being active with my girls. It's just great.

Saturday Ali had her gymnastics class at our city rec center. This is her third one and this week I dropped her off and headed out the door. The previous two weeks I was the hovering mom worried her baby was upset. The first class, Ali definitely had some trouble and it took a while for her to warm up even with me in the room. Last week it took her about 5 minutes and I was not in the room, I was in the hall. This week, she just ran right in and Elle and I walked back out. We took a 30 minute walk around the park at a really brisk pace and got back in time to peak through the window and see Ali doing flips around the even bar.

Flips. All the way around. With help of course, but I was amazed. I kinda thought a class called gymtots was going to be somersaults and cartwheels. Nope, they're doing flips. Awesome.

After gymnastics we dropped Elle off with daddy and Ali and I headed to the park for some swing time.

I love taking 'selfies' with my girl. I have a bazillion of them and really need to put them together in some sort of order.

Sunday we went to church and then after lunch headed to the pool for a fun time with her little BFF, Audrey. Ali is getting really confident in the water (with her swimmies on) and will jump into the pool with gusto! She goes so far!! Elle loves the pool too and the two of them took great naps that afternoon.

Ok, so it's been one week having the Ideal Shake for my lunch instead of a sandwich. Calorie wise it's pretty close, the difference is supposed to be the hunger blocking formula in the shake as well as the high fiber/protein content that keeps you feeling full longer and less likely to snack. Overall it's working pretty well. I do have to say that on Saturday I added 5 frozen strawberries and blended it. That was awesome! Made it from something that was ok and I could drink just fine, to something I'm excited about and is a treat. I love chocolate and strawberries. I may have mentioned that before.

Also, on Friday I weighed in at 130.2. Two pounds lower than I had been.

I have been working out more regularly for several weeks now and watching my diet better, but it's definitely an odd coincidence that one week into the shake and I"m down two pounds. It has stayed off so far too. I don't count any weight loss until it's lasted for 3 days, then it gets logged into MyFitnessPal as a legitimate loss.

Sunday I have decided is my day off. I had a 'real' lunch but to be honest that's mostly because after lunch we go to the pool and my husband and I usually bring a couple beers. If I were to have a protein shake for lunch and then try to sit by the pool with a beer I'd be a hurting girl in very short order. So, PB&J is was and it tasted great. I'm pretty sure spending almost an hour in the pool playing with the girls balances out the extra calorie intake, so I"m not overly concerned. It's one day a week!

I have my shake with me for lunch today, with strawberries! And my gym clothes for a quick 20 minute workout on the way home. My size 8 pants are getting big and my size 6's now button, although are still not quite ready for public viewing.

5 weeks until the baptism.

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  1. I love, love, love your practical approach to weight loss! Congrats on your progress too....slow and steady. LOVE IT! I need to get back to making a protein shake/smoothie every day. It's such a great way to get a bunch of nutrition in!