Friday, June 20, 2014

Giant Pancake in your Rice Cooker

I saw a post on facebook recently about using your rice maker to make a giant pancake.

I love pancakes! I love my rice maker. I had to try it!

This is the photo from the facebook post:

Looks like a nice, perfectly cooked, golden pancake. Big and fluffy and tasty. How hard can it be?

So last night, my husband was out of town and I decided it was a breakfast for dinner kind of night and I wanted to try this new approach.

I documented the whole thing.

Pancake mix with a mashed banana .(yummy!)

Sprayed the rice cooker, just for good measure.

Batter in, ready to go!

What it looked like after a normal 'white rice' cook setting. 

Didn't look done to me so I put it in for five more minutes.

This was 5 minutes later.

Kinda looked the same, but the edges were bubbling and it had been in for a while so I decided to test it.

Got my oven gloves...

And plopped it out onto a plate.

It came out easily, but this certainly doesn't look like the cake sized pancake featured on facebook. In fact it pretty much just looks like an extra thick, flat pancake.

The inside was not done. It was still very gooey. I thought maybe it was just the banana, so I attempted a bite, no, it was really still just raw batter.

So, overall I'm very disappointed with the rice cooker pancake experience. 

Instead, Ali and I had this for dinner.
Cheese, omelets (pesto on mine), banana bread, blueberries and tomatoes for me (Ali is not a fan).

I have to say, it tasted pretty good.

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