Thursday, June 5, 2014

Latest Obsession

I've been listening to audio books for almost a year now. They let me stay in contact with the literary world when I don't actually have time to read anymore. I listen while on the way to and from work from Mama T's house, while at the gym, out on walks and, when I'm really hooked on a book, at my desk at work with ear buds. I kinda feel like a kid cheating in school but I actually multitask really well and I stop the book when the phone rings or someone comes in to talk. No one really knows what I"m listening too and whether it's music, a book, NPR, or a podcast, I get my work done.

The latest set of books that I can't stop listening too is by Jim Butcher, called The Dresden Files. I"m a little behind, these have been coming out since 2009 but that's ok, I'm on the band wagon now!

The first one is Storm Front.

They're about a wizard, Harry Dresden, in Chicago who solves mysteries. They're fun and campy and actually pretty tricky. I've listened to three so far and in every one I was surprised by the 'who done it' at the end. I'd like to say it's hard to get things by me, but these have done a good job. makes sense in the end, it's not a big convenient jump of logic that makes no sense to anyone but the writer. I think so anyway.


The best part is that these books are read by James Marsters.

AKA: Spike
AKA: William the Bloody

From Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Who looks like this:

Well, that may be an old photo, but still, vampires don't age right?

So, while I"m listening to these murder mysteries involving dark magic, werewolves and...yes...vampires...I picture tall, snarky, British accented Spike and it's just fun. Mr Marsters doesn't actually have a British accent in real life, so I kind of dub that over in my brain while he's reading the book, but his own normal speaking voice and the tone of the character aren't far off, so I've had a great time listening.

I highly recommend it. I"m sure the actual book version is great too, but then you don't get the audio version of sarcasm and snide, which he does really, really well.


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