Monday, June 30, 2014

Ideal Shake 2 week update

I am happy to say I have kept off the magical two pounds that I lost that first week. I am currently 5 pounds away from my final goal.

I do have to admit I was not very consistent about my diet and exercise last week. I had the shake with strawberries for lunch Mon - Thur but only made it to the gym once. I went on Monday, forgot my clothes on Wednesday and my husband got called into a last minute project late Wednesday afternoon and so wasn't able to get home in time to watch the kiddos while I got on the treadmill. Thursday was the first day of this diet plan where I was starving. STARVING. All day and after work I went home and had a big dinner rather than go to the gym. A big healthy dinner, big salad, grilled chicken and a little rice, but I was way too hungry to go to the gym.

I decided to skip it Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I kept my calorie count fine, but just had a regular lunch instead of the shake. I did my 30 minute walk with Elle during Ali's gymnastics class on Saturday and then yesterday spent an hour playing in the neighborhood pool with the girls.

This week I hope to do well but we leave Thursday for my in laws cabin to celebrate the Fourth and all the birthdays. There will be some serious eating going on but I'm hoping I don't get too caught up in it.

My size 8 pants are starting to look too big. The hot pink pants are starting to look better. I wore a size 6 skirt to church on Sunday and while the waist was tight, it was wearable and my hips didn't look like they were about to bust the seams.

My stomach is not flat and really not pretty (loose, hanging skin and lots of wrinkles), but I can go to the pool in my tankini's with relative confidence that in my mid-thirty's, six months after baby #2, I look pretty damn good. I don't feel like I have to have my baby right next to me as if to 'explain' the rolly belly.

Four weeks until the baptism.

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  1. You are doing amazing, even with your slip ups. Congrats! I can't wait to start losing my baby weight instead of gaining it.