Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"The Call"

Yesterday I got "The Call."

The one from daycare.

The one that says:

"Your child is a bully."


We have had some sharing issues, and Mama T and I have talked about that a lot. It's hard at home though because it's really just her right now. When I play with her, we don't really play sharing games. We go for walks, and play ball, and swing, and run, etc, etc. We're very active. Seriously this child doesn't sit much.

We think it's been going on for a little while, but this week one of Mama T's older kids, Peyton, who is normally in school has been at daycare a few days a week since school has been out. She was Mama T's little bird in the playroom yesterday.

Normally Ali is one of the 'older' ones, she will be three in August. Her little buddy Max is four months older than her, but he's only there two days a week, and the next one down is Maitland who just turned two a few months ago. Apparently Ali has been taking Maitland's toys and making him cry. She then gets up in his face and tries to shush him so that Mama T doesn't hear him cry and get her in trouble.


My darling girl.

So after Peyton figured out what was going on and informed Mama T, my little stinker spent the rest of the day sitting in a corner. All privileges revoked, at Mama T's and at home. We're just going to nip this little issue right OFF. No Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. No songs in the car. No books at bedtime. No cookie after dinner. No toy in the car on the way to Mama T's in the morning. Nothing that would be considered a 'treat' or a 'privilege'.

Being a mean little girl is going to have some very serious consequences in this house.

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  1. LOL, sadly I can relate to this. My son used to the be "terror" at the daycare at the gym. I had several talks with him about it and eventually it wasn't an issue anymore. I wish you all the best and hope things get better!