Monday, May 5, 2014

Excitement level: Nuclear

Well, the day finally came. Ali has a playhouse.

Two weekends ago my dad came over and he and my husband set the posts in concrete and that was about all they were able to do until the concrete set.

Ali knew what was going on and when they finished for the day, she looked at it, four tall posts in the ground and that's about it, turned to my husband and said 'that's not a playhouse.'

No dust on this girl, I tell you what!

Everyday last week, she'd look out in the backyard and say, 'that's not a playhouse'. It was pretty funny.

Then this past Saturday my dad came back and he and my husband spent about 8 hours straight working on it. My dad LOVES this kind of thing, especially for his grand-babies. Plus it was some quality bonding time for my husband and my dad.

It is huge, for a two year old, but even I can stand up in the middle of this and not hit my head. I spent some time sitting in it with Ali while she ran around and around me, there's so much room. I need to get a better picture since half the playhouse is behind a tree from this angle, but holy-moly, this child is thrilled!

This, is a playhouse!
With a "really, really big slide!!!"

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