Friday, May 9, 2014

When to Potty Train?

Ali is two and a half and we're working on several 'big girl' things.

Eating habits is a big one, she's the slowest eater in the world.

Talking about potty training is another one. Next week we're going on vacation and I plan on spending several afternoons sans pants so she can at least start to grasp the idea that she's wet. Diapers these days are so good at their job that she's really not that aware of when she's wet.

We also bought several new books about going on the potty and wearing big girl panties.

I also got her some minnie mouse panties to practice in.

I have no illusions that one week on vacation to introduce the idea is going to result in a potty trained child, but as of right now, she has zero interest in losing the diapers.

My goals for next week are for her to realize when she needs to potty and to start communicating with me about it. If I can get her to actually go in the potty, that would be a huge score.

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