Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Anti-Thumbsucker Device

Elle has started sucking her thumb. Except that she's not really sucking her thumb, it just happens to be the only thing available and she likes to chomp. She'll chomp on anything. A toy, her hand, the front of the jumper she's sitting in, my shoulder, my shoulder, my shoulder. Pretty much every shirt I own now has baby drool soaking my left shoulder. She doesn't like to lay in your arms, she likes to be upright, so she ends up on my shoulder as I bring her in or out of the car, or move around with her during the day. She just happily hangs out with me, chomping on my shoulder, and sometimes my hair.

So Mama T and I are on a mission to curb the thumb-sucking before it turns into a serious thing. Right now she doesn't care. She doesn't need it, it's just there. So, I created this:

My Anti-Thumbsucker Device (ATD)

I took a pair of leg warmers that I had from when Ali was little(er) and sewed a strip of fabric attaching them together, and then sewed the other ends closed.

Forgive the horrible picture of me, but balancing Elle while trying to take the photo was a little challenging, especially with her trying to watch... After getting one decent photo of the ATD, I didn't feel like attempting to get one without the crazy face I"m making too.

I made two pairs, because I had two pairs of leg warmers, and she now has her ATD's on while I can't keep an eye on her, and her hands out of her mouth. 

When I put them on for real, I put the strap underneath her outfit so it's not hanging around and getting tangled in anything, especially her. Kind of like mittens for little kids so they don't lose one at the bus stop. :)

I realize this is a little controversial and some parents don't have a problem with thumbsucking, some have pacifiers and some never need anything (like Ali). I believe thumbsucking is a bad habit that is much easier to break before it even starts. So this is my choice. It doesn't need to be anyone else's. 

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  1. What a great idea! I'm so impressed. I agree with you about thumb sucking. I've known far too many "children" who keep sucking their thumb for many, many, many years. Good luck!