Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This Princess Wears Pants

This morning while on our way out of the house, Ali starts spinning circles in the garage while I get the car open and bags loaded. She has a purple fabric tiara on that my mother in law got for her for Christmas. She adores that and will put it on and run around the house saying she's a pretty princess. I'm not sure where the princess thing came from, but whatever, she's a little girl who wants to be a princess. Don't we all??

While spinning this morning, in her purple tiara she suddenly stops and looks at me and says "I can't be a princess I"m not wearing a pretty dress." Ali happened to be in jeans today to go to Mama T's since it's a gorgeous day and they'll be running around outside all day. Yes I could put her in a dress, but she falls every two minutes so pants make more sense.

I tried to tell her that she can still be a princess in pants but she was insistent that she couldn't be a princess without a pretty dress.

I realize that it's really an issue of popular media but I feel as though I may have neglected something in the portrayal of women. Of course, she's 2, so it's not like I can start throwing around Gloria Steinem or anything like that, but really, there has to be a princess somewhere who wears pants.

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